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Some of Uncounted Divine Works of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE HM The World Majesty / Majesty Solemn Asset of The Founding Mother of 1st Kingdom of Entire Earth & Universe : World Government includes The World Federals.

Virtual Presentation in Real World Practice; Effectiveness of Graphic in New Methods of Network

Founding Newly to Seven Combination Specialty of Reproductive Medicine, in practical research:
Structure Engineering at Self-Practice; Producing Most Effective Treatments of Essential Elements

Ongoing Researches & Founding Newly Innovative Preventive Medicine of All Specialty: Health Care Economics, and
                                                                                                                                              World Economic Health Care

Philosophy of Doctorate in Medical Science: Unlimited Medical Major Subjects: Evidence based Researches at Clinical Rotations, Research on All Health Care Institutions, Teaching Medicine and Health Science: PhD / Doctorates / DOM

Researches, Practices; Constant Study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, existence and experiences 

Research, Practice; Preparation of Producing Newly Innovative Curriculum in Medicine to Lead The Global Principalities 

Master of Science /  Doctoral Dual Degree in World Economic Health Care: MS / DOC / DOM
Executive Master of International Business Administration: Executive MBA Plus INTL Doctorate

Regional College II: General Science Lecture & Practices (Major: Biology - Obstetrics & Reproductive Systems) (Minor: Chemistry, Physics, Professional Codes & Usage)

Regional College I: General Science Lecture & Labs (Major: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English & Political Science

Basic Graduation: Bachelor of Science Major: Zoology (Minor: Botany, Chemistry, Physic, English - Curriculum)

*******Teenage years of Her Majesty in Grandeur********************************************************

HM The Majesty is The Only Role Model of National 1st Prestigious Girls Leading High School: 

The Leader of Top 25 Members National Leadership. Specialized in General Biology & Science Labs 

High School Subjects include: Maths, Myanmar, Chemistry, Physics & English. Various Sports well-done.

Selections of Guiding Principle, and Completed in Highest Discipline at Splendid Accomplishments.


Currently Ongoing and Practical Practices:

Individual & Family value at Her Majesty Home Sweet Home Settings
Prestigious Personality & Character Development of World children™

Community Developments in Majestic Setting Worldwide: PhD / DOC
Human Behavior in Political Science- Master of Practice in Honorary

Master of Science in Educational Curriculum : M.Sc / M. Ed Plus Doctorate

Healthcare & Human Resource based Entire World Development Practices

Global Economy: Method Innovation, Creation & Operations
The Golden Concept, of Starting up Real World Economy

Global Source: Alphabet Series of All Areas for World Nations
The Whole New World brought to you by The World Majesty


Literal Art & Published Works:

Regional College I Annual Magazine: Principle Chair to Board of Chairs, Chancellors, and Patrons

Regional College II Annual Magazine: One of Board of Chairs, help worked together with Patrons & Chancellors

State High Schools Basic Education: Mathematics, English, Science & Geography Curriculum Founder & Coordinator

Educational Translations from Burmese to English/English to Burmese for World Children Childhood Developments

World Cultural Dancing Innovator and Founder/Chair/Patron of Majesty Event Performances throughout the world

World Languages: Music Lyric, Motion Picture, Painting Art, Traditional Antique Founder, and Modern Architect                     of New Entertainment Systems

Infinity works of uncounted leading, founding and have been creating events of every 1st performance of every               industry at all sectors


Copyright Majesty Solemn Asset of HM. DR. AYE HM The World Majesty &
 HM Law Firms of The Majesty Kingdom         
of The 
Majesty FamilyMajesty Crown 1st Century B.C. All Rights Reserved.

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