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The Golden Concept Origin

    ©Personal Intellectual, Educational Intelligent Asset, Practical Practice of HM. DR. AYE

    Any Human shall be able to learn at any age, can be a self-assignment-student at anytime at any place, to any subjects and at any study expense or no expense from any open source with no restriction whatsoever and howsoever, with or without acknowledgement of else any other human being whosoever. As Human Value & Human Right are Most important Matters of All Human, any best effort to study or to practice of anyone at any learning environment and any real life experiences to be experienced at any industry or any community or at any society shall all time be encouraged and treated fairly, respectfully, and absolute understanding  with properly at equal just as shall be giving respect each other or among all human.

    Above All Human Rights: Every Student has absolute right to be proud of his or her own achievement that attached with self-confidence of lifelong knowledge or lifetime experience thru any accomplishment, shall NEVER be insulted or intruded or harmed or humiliated or interrupted or discriminated, and not necessary for any kind of competition in useless attempt by anyone else who are less than the value of animal likely behavior in regard to any educational credit of acceptable standard by any limitation at any threat using media or via any kind of intentional abuse or bulling. If doing so will be defined as serious crime and whoever tries to commit such hate crimes will not be tolerated and will be reported and will be brought to Justice. Therefore: STOP any crime of life-threat to any human (who feels compassion to learn or study at anywhere including at home, on internet, from library, with books,  via audio, by news,  of media, and/or researching references from any literature works that anyone has written or written with newly innovative creation at each best as at is each own right and results and founding of individual absolute freedom of learning from any open sources or supposed to be open sources at equal and fair learning environment just like all other home learners which always the most productive element of the best effort; most effective time-saving at cost effective study: unlimited learning potential that save all human lives).

    Also as well there are so many countless educational subjects and systems are naturally itself in needy to be learned by any human; shall be protected, maintained, improved; extended by human or created at everywhere around the world as available learning sources at many references for every human regardless of age (instead of trying to insult  or  to destruct accomplishments or achievements or professional careers of others, via wicked behavior or ill humor by illiterate tempers of those who bears such very ugly character) shall go and learn to any subject at anywhere at any time themselves for self-accomplishments; is the best for them to improve each  own life, only after then everyone can be having  ability to raise up each own generation at least for a basic requirement to be a human at steady living in balance of comfortable environment.

    Getting graduate for any good educational subject is always beautiful for each and everyone.

    Nobody shall waste each own time just by watching the learning progress of others, just  because of unnecessary competition in benefiting no one, that mostly happens when feeling jealous and try to act out as sudden attack come from nonsense manner, to activity/progress of professional careers of others, or even trying just to cheer up any career of else others more than necessary is never worth it (except try to support/work together by creating at least from a new innovated idea for each self into
     real life motivation of actual suitable careers/occupations without any pressure or unwanted forces). 

    Learning by each self to get benefit of knowledge for each own life and to be educated usually help feel better to those wasters who are seriously wasting each own time with useless manner. Finding a resource to learn by themselves might also help to clean their dirty mind, and make more sense for their lives. More importantly, learning to receive higher education or better knowledge can absolutely benefit more to human society or to our earth as the more knowledge we have, the better behavior can be developed itself between and among all human. Never doubt that Educated Human can always do better intellectual work or better coordination with all others at every step each one or each community or each society or each nation or within each own boundary or for the entire world of human society at best needs to make things happen! Thus,
      Be Educated
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    Choosing Priority from Any Health Care Specialty of Health Care Economic by Every Professional are to work together in conjunction with 1st Founding to Economic Health Care:  the Golden Concept of "Whole New World" powered by "Majesty Kingdom" of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE of The Golden Palace origin, via Regional Palaces Headquarters in rotation to Local Diamond Palaces that also being able to care for absolute well-being of Mothers, Children and Families (include All Fathers of All the World Children and all ages include both males & females and all elders) as well as Nutritious Maternity Care in Completeness for every piece of land on this entire earth, as fast as we can reach as further as possible, at a basic requirement.  

    Besides: The OBGYN as Obstetrics and Gynecology (then extending in not limiting to children health care directly/indirectly related matters that start from Reproductive System and /or not just about the Pediatric Specialty) have been chosen in special interest should not only be learning or studying or practicing or caring or treating about women and children or not just about delivering the babies or just to practice as a physician profession to be able to give medical treatment to cure the diseases typically occurred at human bodies of All Ages (that include males, females, children, elders or anything in between which the matters of all living creatures are unavoidably needed). Having each own loving family can better be healthier for every human whoever needs to keep alive as a living creature at each self shall be paid in serious attention to save not just to human but including this human world & entire earth.

    More than General Practice in Clinical Rotation of the Medicine, there are wider range of wonderful existence and scientific function at itself directly connecting to various ages of a life of every human starts; the entire human being is on each own way of living in which are interestingly and wonderfully enough, particularly unique at All Types of Specialty in the solemnly founding of the Palace to be reminding everything that: We all will be able to keep alive each self as the human of this earth within the air, wind and light combination making all of us up to living creatures naturally by the odder choice by that (at each self with enough knowledge of self-reliance).

    Much odder than all factors is:  the chosen subjects (Anatomy, Biology or Biochemistry, and Physiology or Else All Subjects related to Medicine/Health Care Profession) also are not only about basic subjects of schools of Medicine to be learned only when to be taught at colleges as by or just to be chosen as for the career of life-saving professions. Details will be working by the Palaces of HM. DR. AYE HM The World Majesty is ongoing at steady progress.

    We all shall together prepare ahead for Forthcoming Medical Students of the Future Learning around the world, to be able to properly develop Actual Skilled Physicians at no time shall be wasted (even of a minute) of any unnecessary extra learning that has sometime nothing to do with Treatment of Physicians in Medical Practice and of Medicine, which may also include Research/Teaching/Practice/Clinical Rotation and New Medical Terminology. Health Care Technology related Engineering Innovation, Creation of Medical Record in IT to be able to produce Computerized Health Care Records since each human was born that needed for every living human throughout each own life which is the vital of the Industry are needing desperately, as well as Greater Clear Production of Magnetic and Imaging system that support/produce Crystalline Products; to Create Much More Human Resources to be fulfilled at Worldwide Health Care Areas such as Health Care Mechanics, Expert Technicians, and Health Care Economic related IT Programmers etc., as the needing Innovators at absolute requirements.

    [NOTE: The Words "Record" and "History" are NOT THE SAME. The word "Record" is of human who are all still alive and the word "History" is just stories of NOT ALIVE. Therefore: Use the proper usage of "Medical Record" or "Health Care Record" rather than such improper usage of "Medical History" or "Health Care History" for human who are all alive].

    Even the unique usages between "Health Record", The "Medical Record", and "Health Care Record" are NOT THE SAME. The usage of "Health Record" is the Record of All Healthy Human who are neither sick nor patients, and the usage "Medical Record" is the Record of Physicians & any level of each particular healthcare worker at how they treat every particular patient whom they meet in each particular field of healthcare at everyday daily basic. "Health Care Record" is the record of patients in the list of a hospital or a health care facility or department of a health care organization (including public or private or government of any level). These description related researches are ongoing thus else anyone or any group (including any government office) shall not copy or echo or publish yet to any public related health care activity until the finishing touch of Her Majesty at launch of campaign after campaign step by step with her own hands & her intelligence all by herself with her palaces & her choice of extra-extra-ordinary individual professionals of each & every particular field services industry. 

    The word "Health Care" is used as the name of Industry or as a noun relating to health care industry. The word "Healthcare" is mostly used as adjective referring to professionals or personnel. These are some small examples of detail descriptions needed for knowledge of Health Care Industry, Medical Fields related clarification for the knowledge of World Public. 

                        Founding Mother HM. DR. AYE HM The World Majesty                      

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