The Majesty Solemn Asset of HM. DR. AYE 
   The Original Majesty & The Only Founding                Mother of Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C,               & Myanmar Kingdoms [AKA The Republic of           Union of Myanmar], and World Kingdoms HQ.
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To be able to protect the world in entire, someone has to give exceptional care for it.

Even as by that someone, he and/or she has only a life-time to be alive also as a human, to carry on what matter the most for the people, thus as well: else all other human societies shall also help in taking care of the world together with his and/or her well-being, Not to waste important timeless effort, the precious focus; most needy concentration that will surely benefit to next human generations after generations, at least for the peace. And, All Human World to become Healthy, Wealthy & Happy.

Most Important Protection and Human Security that every human need is: to be alive continuously and to be able to live comfortably.

Try to protect or to secure anything only after once happened is never enough to be actually get protected. Therefore, we all shall always focus ahead to result the best for every human being as The Whole World truly needs THE PEACE which can be built only by The Kingdoms of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE and/or His Majesty The King of World Peace, at Worldwide Entity & Int'l Community, that is what we all believe. Also to establish "Trust Worthy Society" at every sector, and "Peaceful Living Community" thruout the world are our 1st priority.

If you are also a human, we invite you all & all of your families to join us at what you could or back up at how you can support by a word or any effort that you can make for any amount of funding for the world peace at least. And: also for all our own children & grandchildren to be able to live together with all of us, in secured-surrounding, clean environment; at overall security of special care by the HM World, of We The Majesty. 

     Loving at our best,                                                                                               We The Majesty          
                     11:11 AM 11 Jun 2020

Updated at 11:11 AM 22 Aug 2019

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